Affiliate Marketing: How to Start with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The situation is like this, you have a website of your own, a visitor comes and clicks a particular product you have in your website.

Once she made a purchase on the link, you will get a good amount of commission from the sale of the product. This is what we call affiliate marketing.

When you are an affiliate marketer, you recommend a product in your website, a mailing list or a pay per click ads. You can do this successfully as a home business by creating your own website or simply managing a newsletter.

There are several means where you can earn money from affiliate marketing. Like anyone new in the business, you would need your foresight and lots of guidance. The first question that you need to answer is, is affiliate marketing right for you?

Let’s take a look. . .


Little Competition among Selected Niche Products

To become successful on affiliate marketing, you should be an expert on a particular niche product. You earn money from the advertisements posted in your website once they made a purchase. When you have a niche, competition is lessened.

There are countless industries in affiliate marketing and it is easy to find one that is untapped and concentrate on that particular product. There are businesses that offer large amount of cash one you refer a customer. But then, is it ideal to market these products?

One of the biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing is to go for the top affiliate programs. There are so many competitors in this area and it is almost impossible to make good money out of it. What you need to do is to use some tools in identifying hidden niches where you can make a steady income.

When you are focused on that particular niche, you will have an audience and will become an authority on that particular product or service.


Takes long time before it generates an income

One of the major drawbacks of affiliate marketing is that it takes a while before you can reap your first income. The reason behind this is it takes time to build your own website and you have to wait before you develop an audience.

Though affiliate marketing is a good profit generating business, it needs patience and lots of hard work before a person will come purchasing a product in your website.

The following steps include:

  • Research for a good niche
  • Look for profitable keywords on that particular niche
  • Develop the website
  • Write content for the website and newsletter
  • Build traffics to your site
  • Convert the visitors into an affiliate sales

It may sound complicated but these can easily be learned. All you need is the willingness to learn about the ropes of the business. Unlike other online business, affiliate marketing is a long income generating business.

Timeline until you make money

As mentioned earlier, it will take months before you will have a steady amount of traffic and have profits. While you are waiting for big cash to come your way, you need to research more on the traffic, build a mailing list and a site and attract visitors. Once you start receiving visitors and customers, money will come pouring in easily.


Affiliate marketing will not cost you much. You only have to pay a small amount for web hosting and you internet connection. In affiliate marketing, you have to spend a small amount at first and then invest in other useful products once your business grows. The rest now will depend on you just pure hardwork.


Online business like any other business offers great competition. You have to choose your product well where there are no huge competitors. An example would be in the line of real estate and mortgage loans, these areas offers fierce competition.

My advice is . . .

Chose an easy topic first and concentrate on it. This will lure you away from large competitors.

To beat your competitors and stay on the ground . . . look for the best niche . . niche!

How to start with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing offers a good source of income, but before plunging in the business, you should look for information from reliable sources that are making money from the business.

I will recommend you to read Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. She is a pioneer in affiliate marketing. Last year she has record earnings of $500,000 just by being successful in affiliate marketing. In her handbook, she teaches us on how to be successful in affiliate marketing. On her book, she teaches you how to find a profitable niche product, build a site and then promote it.


I have joined to Affilorama it offers easy to follow educational resources, useful software applications and access to the web’s largest Affiliate Marketing community. Join us, it’s free! (no hype it really is FREE)

By joining them you will have access to:

  • Video Lessons – Over 100 hours of easy-to-follow, step by step video lessons on affiliate marketing.
  • Online Tools – Web based tools to help improve your affiliate websites and streamline your workflow.
  • Community – Get advice and share your knowledge with over 150,000 marketers on their vibrant forum.
  • Online Success – Affilorama provides the education and tools to make your online business a success!

Other Tools

Wordtracker will help you find niches by searching for keywords or key phrases people would often use in looking for a particular product in the search engines. Once you have in mind a good product people would often need, you are one step closer to discovering hidden niches. Wordtracker offers the top 1000 search for keywords that can help you explore the current hot topics that would be perfect as affiliate product.

Affiliate Networks

To make it easier for you in looking for niche product that will convert easily and gives you good commission, there are websites like affiliate networks that will collect affiliate programs that are on the top list and will help signing in this programs easy for you.

Examples are Clickbank which focus on downloadable products and Commision Junction which deals mainly with physical products. They will help you discover hidden niches.


First . . . you have to do your homework and do lots of RESEARCH. Naturally, you need to know the nature of the business and how to succeed. Read Super Affiliate Handbook understands what you have read. Once you understand the principles of the handbook, explore the different products with the perfect niche. Use the tools from the handbook and look for the products that are profitable. Then build a website where you will have your own audience share and become an authority in the product.



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Want to Import Products from CHINA

Get Our Personal List of Pre-Verified Manufacturers from China for FREE

Privacy Policy: No Catch. No Cost. No Spam. Unsubribe anytime

The Best Compliment is by Sharing!

Please Share Best Dropshippers Reviews to your Friends and Family... We might HELP them...
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