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At the current stage of the developments happening among wholesale websites in the online e-commerce domains of Asia and most of the nearby continents, it will be a good thing to see some rise above others. You will really be able to go to their web based shopping site and find some items that have never been released yet in the market at the current times. Their suppliers are on nearby locations and this lessens the cost of every item that they are acquiring and putting up on sale. Of course savings are passed on to clients and customers all the time. Review


Excellent Reasons To Shop at aHappyDeal

1. Latest and Most Innovative Products: With this online shopping site, you will be assured that you will always have the products that no other suppliers yet have. Cool gadgets are being added to the products galleries on a daily basis. Accessories for most mobile devices, toys, clothing, security products, software, and many more are available from them. It is safe to assume that we will never leave this shopping site for another. They have featured items that could be totally good to watch out for. One of the items that have recently appeared on this gallery is the Sport MP3 Digital Music Player with TF Card Slot which is one of the first releases by China Manufacturers.

2. Cool Prices and Excellent Price Promos: As one of the recognized wholesale websites out there these days, we can expect prices on all items offered by DealsMachine to be at the lowest. There are items that are priced at $1 and less. Many of the items that they are offering are currently at par with what other shopping sites have to offer in terms of prices. Their Multipurpose 8-digit Electronic Calculator Watch which is priced at $1.99 on a competitor site is only offered by them at $1.95. This is a big thing already if you will be using the services of as a dropshipper. You will always be able to find buyers for the items that you are offering on your own site. Discounts promos are also just a few clicks away. Buyers can enjoy, 39%, 44%, and even 55% cut of prices for some seasonal items.

Sample product of

Sample product of


3. Fast and Safe Processing of Orders: As one of the best dropshippers in the market at the current times, (aHappyDeal) makes it a point to be able to really give their clients the best edge. Orders are processed as soon as the payments are received. There are no order quotas that will be implemented before the processing of orders is started. The safety of clients is assured as all items undergo a 2-day testing phase.

4. Removal of Minimum Order Requirement: Buyers will be entertained by the DealsMachine no matter how small or large the orders they are planning to make. This means that even if you are an ordinary online shopper or an e-commerce investor looking for a dropshipper, you will be entertained all the time.

The Reputation of aHappyDeal As an E-commerce Investment Partner

At the current times, it will be a very good thing for us to have access to the best dropshipper companies if we want to do really well, in our web based business. The company called Deals Machine has proven itself to many e-commerce already its real worth as a good partner. With their connections to the best electronics manufacturers out there in the industry, their highly qualified people, and the use of the services of the most reliable couriers, could deliver services that are really exceptional and totally relevant to the needs of clients.


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Updated: February 11 — 6:23 pm

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Grin Nirgerep

Hello, I'm Grin I make this Review Websites just for sake of helping and sharing my experiences about Wholesaling, Dropshipping, Importing and E-commerce. I've been scam before by a Chinese online shop and for some reasons I'm obsessed on finding some great sites were i can continue my fascination about gadgets and fashion. I'm a business minded person too if you may ask...


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  1. This website is nothing more than a way for the owners to take money from their customers and send them cheap, nasty, broken items and then take weeks to reply to their support tickets.
    Avoid this website at all costs.
    I purchased a phone watch from them which stopped working on the second day. I had to return the item (I had to pay for the return to China myself) and I am still waiting for a replacement. Their customer service is a joke. You will never see your money again if you spend it with

  2. Seller terrible
    I ordered a tablet and other accessories on September 14, to date I have not received anything and you do not respond more tickets.
    First they say that making a partial shipment, then tell me to wait for the tablet to be provided by the manufacturer (on the site was listed in stock), the tacking of the partial shipment is stopped from September 22.
    I made a complaint to pay pal.
    I suggest you do not order from this seller.

  3. Guys keep away from this website “Dealsmachine”, the will cheat an way or another.
    I made order a Elepgone P8000 case since August 2015 and never received. The don’t want refund my money back. I tried and tried and open a case against them with my PayPay but the chet me to close that case to process the refund. I closed the case and no money to refund and they don’t answer my tickets anymore. It is just a bunch of liars and cheaters.
    Stay away from Dealsmachime.

  4. ENGLISH//

    Hi! I bought a smartphone from Dealsmachine ( for 170€, concretely a Kingzone Z1, but it happened to have a screen fail, so I had to give it back. I paid for the shipment and they got the phone back, and after that I’ve been a whole year talking to them trying to get my money back, but all I have obtained has been nothing but lies, telling me they will refund me the money after 2-3 weeks, later in 3-7 days, later after another 3-5 working days, later after another 2-4 days, later between 7-25 days and last time between 3-5 working days.
    In every moment I’ve treated them with respect and kindness, I recorded a video for them to see the screen fail, I talked to my bank to check there was any problem with my account, I gave them a second bank account number to refund the money and I’ve been waiting for a whole year to get my money back, but thieves are thieves and as I’ve checked by myself, I’m not going to see that money again, so the only and last thing I can do is telling you what they do for you not to fall in the same trap as me and buy there, you’d better buy in other online store and if possible, in a bricks-and-mortar one.
    I leave the video of the screen fail recorded by me:
    and the screenshots of the conversations with them:!7192&authkey=!ALaxQ2KveXbw4QQ&ithint=folder%2cJPG

    Hola! Yo comprĂ© por Dealsmachine ( un mĂłvil por 170€, concretamente un Kingzone Z1, pero resulta que tenĂ­a la pantalla defectuosa, asĂ­ que tuve que devolverlo. PaguĂ© el envĂ­o de vuelta y recibieron en telĂ©fono, y despuĂ©s aquello he estado todo un año hablando con ellos e intentando recuperar mi dinero, pero todo lo que he obtenido no han sido mas que mentiras, diciĂ©ndome que recibirĂ­a el ingreso tras 2-3 semanas, despuĂ©s de 3 a 7 dĂ­as, despuĂ©s tras otros 2-4 dĂ­as, despuĂ©s de entre 7 a 25 dĂ­as y la Ășltima vez de entre 3 a 5 dĂ­as laborales.
    En todo momento los he tratado con respeto y amabilidad, les grabĂ© un vĂ­deo para que vieran el fallo de la pantalla, hablĂ© con mi banco para comprobar que no habĂ­a ningĂșn problema con mi cuenta, les di un segundo nĂșmero de cuenta bancaria para que me ingresaran el dinero y he estado esperando un año entero para recuperar mi dinero, pero los ladrones son ladrones y como he comprobado por mĂ­ mismo, no voy a volver a ver mi dinero de nuevo, asĂ­ que la Ășnica y Ășltima cosa que puedo hacer es deciros lo que hacen para que no caigĂĄis en la misma trampa que yo y comprĂ©is ahĂ­. Mejor que comprĂ©is en otra tienda online o sĂ­ es posible, en una tienda fĂ­sica.
    Os dejo el video del fallo de la pantalla grabado por mĂ­:
    y las capturas de pantalla de las conversaciones con ellos:!7192&authkey=!ALaxQ2KveXbw4QQ&ithint=folder%2cJPG

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