Dinodirect.com Review

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DinoDirect.com is one of the leading online wholesale website located in Shenzhen, China with international offices in Hongkong, USA, Canada and China. It offers wholesale and retail services to both small and big businesses as well individuals with their array of wide selection of products. Being a big online shop, DinoDirect offers cool gadgets, cell phones, phone accessories, electronic products, laptops, android tablets, computer accessories, games accessories, clothing apparel, shoes and holiday gifts.

Dinodirect.com Review

dinodirect com reviews

Check DinoDirect.com Here >>

They have newsletter that will keep you posted on their best deals and sales by just signing up for the copy. Once you sign up when you bought an item and you will refer friends who will also make some purchase, you will have $1 for every sign up bonus.

Basic Features of DinoDirect.com

Customer Service: As mentioned earlier they have offices in some parts of the world. By just a click of your finger, the address and the name of the office that is nearest to your location will accommodate you 24/7. You can either email them or have a live chat for all your concerns.

Price: The good thing about DinoDirect is they have competitive low prices on their products. When you visit other online stores, you may encounter that they may have lower prices for certain products but you have to pay for your own shipping cost which is costly plus the fact that they are currently offering discount prices for all the products onsite.

Shipping Facility: DinoDirect.com is offering FREE shipping facility anywhere in the world as their added service. Their prices are balanced with the free shipping feature they offer. If you will notice, some online shops have lower prices for certain items but then you have to pay for your own shipping cost. When you sum it up, you will arrive that our free shipping cost will be at your advantage for you are paying lesser for the product.

Payment Options: DinoDirect offers different choices in their mode of payment. The accept major credit cards, wire transfer, money order, fax order, Money Bookers and PayPal. The commonly used and safest method of paying online nowadays is through PayPal.

Product Qualty: For the items such as clothing, bags, shoes and other related items, for sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of the product you are paying for. When it comes to their electronic items, do not expect too much compared to the high end and expensive electronic gadgets but you will get a fair deal out of the amount that you are paying. You are paying for the cheap version, and then expect that the price is only fair for the product you are paying.

Products of Dinodirect

dinodirect com reviews products

Check DinoDirect.com Here >>

Conclusion about Dinodirect.com

Do not expect too much in terms of quality with regards to the electronic gadgets. You see you are paying a cheap price, therefore be prepared for any setbacks. Furthermore, this is a wholesale website and just like any other wholesale websites, they cannot offer you high quality products. Aside from that, the other items are good; it could be because of the negative reviews that we have read about DinoDirect. They may have improved the quality of their products already. Recent reviews show the improvement on the items they are selling and the shipping process which is now faster.

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