Check Here >> was founded on 2006, with 5 years in the e-commerce business; it had already attracted top business enterprises from China and Silicon Valley, USA. This is a China based company with head office on Beijing, China with a branch in Shenzhen located near Hongkong. The branch in Hongkong sources the products then ships the orders to the corresponding clients once they receive orders from the clients online.

lightinthebox com reviews

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Can I make Good Business with

Lightinthebox is one of the Best China wholesaler and Best China dropshipper that you can rely on. This only means that they are reliable and global buyers can purchase wholesale products from them and then dropship them anywhere in the world. Lightinthebox operates differently from other wholesale platform. With Lightinthebox you can complain directly to them. There is no third party that will go in between because you are dealing directly with them. They are the seller who produces their own products like the cell phones, electronic gadgets, computers and other stuffs. They are the one who sells them directly to clients instead of using an e-commerce trading platform.

Can I rely on their Products?

Once you take a good look at their webpage of Lightinthebox, you will see lots of cellphone, android tablets, MP3, MP4, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets. These are all copied products but they are really amazing and really look cool. Actually they have the same functions like the popular branded products. These products are made from cheap microchips imported from Taiwan. The prices are competitive. Naturally, they are a lot cheaper than the other known brands. They may work a little bit slower than the famous branded products but then you should not expect too much from these copied products.

Who can buy from Lightinthebox?

Unfortunately, if your purpose is to buy a single item, you will be disappointed here. Their markets are wholesaler and dropshipper. Their prices are for wholesale. But sure you can buy single items for you dropshipping business and personal use.

Sample Products from

lightinthebox com reviews products

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What are the Payment Options?

Lightinthebox offers payment method just like any other China wholesaler. You choose the most convenient method for you such as credit card, PayPal, Western Union and wire transfer. However, I recommend PayPal method which is more secured.

Personal Experience with

As I’ve said, I was attracted to their cool gadgets. I made a purchase on cell phones and android tablets. From their wholesale price tags, I can make a good profit margin. The goods arrived a week after, but they told me that it will arrive 4 to 5 days. I was lenient because I came from another country; a week delivery is good enough for me. The products as I had told you looks cool on the web page, there were no damages and these products are hot sellers in my shop.



Hello, I’m Grin I make this Review Websites just for sake of helping and sharing my experiences about Wholesaling, Dropshipping, Importing and E-commerce. I’ve been scam before by a Chinese online shop and for some reasons I’m obsessed on finding some great sites were i can continue my fascination about gadgets and fashion. I’m a business minded person too if you may ask…

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