Free Dropshippers and Wholesale Websites from China Review REVIEW: WORTHY ONLINE SELLER

Check Here is among the online wholesale websites that sells products that are very cheap and useful. The website offers worldwide free shipping on selected items and does cater to the world. They sell mostly electronics, school and office supplies, accessories, home and garden tools and others. Review


Product Quality: products come from manufacturers from China. Products sounded good through the product reviews from customers but here’s where there might be a catch: Product reviews may not be true or only chosen. has to review product reviews made by customers and there is a danger with assessing the reviews. may be only picking the reviews that would say positive about them and might not allow the negative feedbacks to be published. Product reviews must contain honest reviews but it is possible that is not showing all of them.

Payment: Payment can be done through PayPal and major credit cards. The problem area here is that only accepts Discover, MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Those with debit cards will have to do with PayPal. Compared to top China wholesalers, does not accept Wire Transfer.

Shipping: offers worldwide free shipping. Customers can also choose express shipment via popular and trusted international couriers. Shipping costs may then vary but many customers find it worth it to have their purchases delivered via express.

Return Policy: Customers can hold on to their purchases up to 180 days after shipment if their purchased items were found defective. Policies differ depending on how many days the items become defective. Customers are then advised to report a return and refund notification as early as they found the defects. Defects after 180 days will not be replaced but repaired at low fees. Customer will have to be patient on this one since if the products are found unrepairable, customers will be receiving the unrepaired product not a replacement. Customers will also need to pay for the shipping fee and repair cost.

Sample Products of Tmart

Sample Products of Tmart


Customer Benefits: has some nice ways to make customers commit to buying from them. There’s the Lowest Price Guarantee, a program which allows customers to buy the product they ordered at the lowest price. If the customer finds the same product from another website and that product has a lower price than in Tmart, will refund the difference, making their price equal to that of the other website. But customers must observe certain conditions first before they avail of this program. Then there’s the Free Gifts. Customers are allowed to pick an item from the Free Gifts whenever they make purchases specified in the given ranges. Gifts are mostly accessories, but they are worth it.

And there’s also the Points. Customers earn points when they update their account information or buy items from These points when accumulated becomes a reduction to future purchases. But there are limitations, of course. You have to have at least purchased a $10 worth from to get 10 points. When using the points, you can only use 100 maximum, which can be devastating especially if you have a high purchase. But like other online wholesale shops, may have its own limit, too.

Overall: has normal processes very alike to its similar websites. There is some doubts concerning about the reviews of customers since most of them are mysteriously excellent. However, if we proceed to third-party websites which reviews online wholesalers, many customers complain about their orders. should prove that they have been diligent with choosing their suppliers. They may claim that they have to but customers have to be assured that they will be getting whatever is worth their payment. As to the payment, the options sound limited and it is as if they can only receive payment via the said credit card types. Maybe sometime in the future, can include other options such as Wire or Bank Transfer and Debit cards. The idea of rebates through points sounds good. For that, should push more market to their website. Better advertisement and good affiliate programs are recommended.


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