Check Here >> Review is one of the Best China Wholesale Marketplace we have online that caters for small wholesale orders. They are the channel for connecting buyers and wholesalers from around the world. Though had just been launched recently, it may help you save time in looking for reliable suppliers. is part of which is also the biggest B2B (Business to Business) company. They have more than 20 product categories which include electronics, cell phones, automotive accessories, clothing, jewelry and other items.

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What are the Qualities of the Products?

Actually they have all the products you can think of especially in their electronic products like the cell phones and Android tablets. They really look inviting and they could be mistaken for the famous branded qualities. However, as a Chinese buyer, we know that China wholesalers do not carry branded items. They have their own non-branded items or copied items bearing different brand names. The same goes with the apparels.

They do not carry the famous brands of clothing however, like their electronic products they vouch that they are made from high quality materials. AliExpress have made it a point to make a thorough verification of their suppliers to ensure high quality products.

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Products of Aliexpress

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Are the Payment Options Safe? offers safe and secure payment option through Escrow. In this method both the buyer and the seller are protected. Here, AliPay holds the escrow payment. The payment is released to the seller once the transaction is completed. Should there be any disputes or problems that happen, the third party which is AliPay in our case will go in between and make all the necessary negotiations. You might be wondering that Alipay is part of AliExpress and will make some biased opinion.

This is not the case here; they will act as a separate entity. One more benefit of using escrow as payment is you do not have to divulge you credit card number and in the event that you are not satisfied with the delivered items, you can make negotiations with the price. This payment option is not supported by other China wholesalers.

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Products of Aliexpress

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What are the Shipment methods? provides free shipping worldwide. It joined hands with the China Post Mail to provide free shipping worldwide to accommodate smaller orders especially the electronic items. Just recently, launched Fulfillment by AliExpress which is designed to accommodate medium orders so that they can enjoy the same benefit of free shipment of bulk orders. This will allow importers at least 30% savings on the shipping costs. supports DHL, FedEx, TNT and EMS with the UPS as the most preferred means of shipping the goods. These methods deliver product from 2 days up to 7 days which is good enough considering that we are talking here about worldwide deliveries. By the way, AliExpress also provides free shipment for return goods in case you are not satisfied with the delivery.

Are the Prices Competitive enough?

Traditionally and you might have noticed, Chinese online wholesalers always provide discounted items on almost all their products. is not an exception to the rule. It provides the biggest discounts especially on holiday seasons and anniversaries.


As a buyer with few years on online business dealing with the best China-wholesaler and the best China Dropshipper, I recommend AliExpress. I admit that we had our issues once in a while but then, we resolve it immediately. They have the most efficient customer support that makes it a point to answer all my queries whenever I have problems. Shipping is okay, they are fast actually.

Payment is no problem as well. In terms of the quality of the goods, I am aware that my business are made in China therefore I am not expecting too much from them. But then again, my customers are satisfied with the products that they buy from me.

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