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Feng-Shui practitioners will think that buying from is a very good step. Indeed, if you are one of them, you really will be gratified after making a purchase from this website. They have a complete and a wide variety of feng shui products that you will surely need.

buy-fengshui com reviews


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Products of Buy-Fengshui

Products include mirrors, abacus, globes, bracelets, necklaces, figurines and more. The products are all carefully described, sellers giving the symbolism of each product and the reason why such product is a good buy. There are too many good products in the website but the problem lies on how limited the products are and how easily one type could go out of stock.

So technically, there may be a demand for more stock for some of the bestselling items. There are issues about miscounted items or delays but the customer service is helpful enough to advice customers about the updates and corrections of their orders.

buy-fengshui com reviews products

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The products are good in quality and design, which explains why many are quite pricey.


The prices are moderate to expensive. However, if you look at the prices and the products, you’ll realize it is a good deal. The products are good in quality and looking closely, the design is even put to thought. Discount coupons are also available to slash off costs.

Customer Support

Customers can communicate to the shop via phone calls, virtual forms and e-mails. Fortunately, there’s also a Facebook account for Buy-FengShui. Replies are on time and customers may even ask directly or post on the Facebook wall for queries. The responder in the Facebook is Wendy, giving the page a more personal feel and not just a formal business site automated by bots.

Website knows what to put in the website. Aside from the products described in detail, the website is very educational. Even those who are unaware of the real meaning of Feng Shui will learn to appreciate what good it will do to them if they know how to balance their energies.

The purpose of the website is to reason out why the company is selling these products not entirely to earn profits. Product images are good with at least four images of different perspective to give customers how the product really looked like and what they will expect once they open their packages. Products are also explained which even includes the symbolical meaning of the products and what the product can do for Feng Shui practitioners.

Business Opportunities

Buy Feng-Shui offers wholesale opportunities for retailers from different countries. There would sort of be a negotiation between the company and the retailers wherein the interested retailers would have to initiate a communication. They can fill up a blank form in the Wholesale page to inquire.

Another opportunity for home-business makers is the affiliate program. Affiliate parties will earn 10% commission if they put up an ad banner to their website. However, there should at least be a customer who have clicked the banner, visited the website and bought an item or items from the website. Since the prices of the products are not overly cheap and 10% sounds really reasonable, this is a very good way to earn income. Commission payments is done monthly with a $25 as minimum cashout.


The company has shown professionalism in all aspects. The product design, the content of their website and the reasonable prices all define how this online store has made it very tempting for potential customers to buy. Prices are not too cheap but reasonable and discount coupons can take care of giving customers the benefit of paying at a lower price.

Shipping has an express option but there are still instances where customers don’t receive the items on time or not at all. Luckily, the customer support is reliable in relation to these cases. Business opportunities are also good, considering the demand for FengShui products and the commission for successful affiliates. Overall, this is one good website to visit for the FengShui practitioners and for affiliates who has passion on this form of art and science.



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