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There are only few websites that can be called as online supermarkets out there in the online world at the current times. This is where the is currently categorized in. They are currently one of the biggest wholesale websites that may be able to offer a wide array of all known and popular electronic products and other related merchandise.

Like many other wholesale and retail companies in the Chinese online domains, they also started out in 2006. However, the thing that makes them different is that they have been able to get the biggest number of linkages in the manufacturing industry of China. This explains the more varied categories of products they are currently offering.

chinabuye com reviews

Notable Features of the Company

Valuing of Customers and Clients: As one of the most respected and biggest wholesale websites, the company values their clients to the highest level. Every piece of consumer item is passed through strict quality control tests to ensure safety and client satisfaction. Prices are kept at factory rates. Client reviews on all aspects of the operation of the website are all given attention.

Best Prices: lives up to their promise on keeping prices of items as low as possible. Even the lowest prices of similar items found on E-bay and similar industry counterparts cannot beat the desirability of the price rates they are offering. The quantity of the orders that clients may place have no minimum amounts. It is a surprising thing that single item orders are allowed by them.

Speedy and Free Shipping: Due to the presence of a huge number of staff and efficient facilities, speedy facilitation of orders can be expected. Orders are arranged within 18 hours of being placed. This is obviously faster than the average 24-hour industry standard. Their work force can handle as much as 5000 orders on a day to day basis. Your shipping fees can be waived by them for bulk or wholesale orders. They can offer many options with regards to the kind of courier that clients might want. The fastest form of shipping, the Airmail, is available too. Real-time tracking of orders is a privilege that all clients could enjoy from them.

Community Linkages: As we all know, some of the items that they are selling are also being sold by their competitor companies. The difference that they can make is that they allow buyers to submit reviews about each item that are sold. These reviews are made open for the public to access. The reviews are left unedited so that all sets of info are kept realistic.

Cool VIP and Affiliate Programs: In the VIP program being offered by the, clients have the privilege to enjoy 1% to 3% more discounts on their wholesale purchases. The VIP prices will only become visible to clients once they receive VIP membership status. For the affiliate program, the PPS system is being followed and this comes with the 10% conversion rate. The forum that can be found inside the site could tell a lot of info or details about this affiliate program.

Sample Product of

Sample Product of

The Dropshipping Advantage Offered By

It is a difficult thing for any company to be one of the best dropshipping in China these days. The has defied all odds brought by high levels of competition in the industry. The company has emerged as one of the most preferred partners by those who have dropshipping needs in the industry these days. Being based in Hong Kong, this online wholesaler and dropshippper has the ability to offer very low rates of shipping and deliveries. It also offers multiple client tiers that will surely offer better benefits for all of those who will choose to permanently be their business partner.


You should always make it a point to read through all the web pages of the online site of There are always hidden surprises that will be available for clients. One of the most surpassing things I have seen there is their gallery for items below $1. Shopping in small and big quantities at will always be a favorable and convenient experience.



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