Get Paid to Complete Surveys in Your Free Time

When surfing through the Internet, you have probably come across an advertisement like this.

The idea of taking online surveys sounds great…

…you sit at home and receive money for voicing your opinion.

But can you make any real money doing it?

The truth is that many people are earning a sizable income right now by completing surveys. But you need to treat the surveys like a job. Later on, I will discuss why this important.

So why would I get paid to take surveys?

Although the idea of completing surveys for money sounds suspicious, there is a very legitimate reason why these companies would pay you. Basically, there are millions of businesses that need to discover the best ways to market their products.

By utilizing surveys, they can find out the habits, needs and opinions of potential customers. In turn, these companies are willing to pay people for the time spent completing surveys.

When selecting possible candidates for their surveys, businesses often target certain demographics. What this means is that often a potential survey taker will be selected based on age, sex, ethnicity, education, or geographical location.

The good news is that there is a large pool of available surveys. You will find it relatively easy to qualify for one of them.

Now that you understand the basics of survey taking for money, let’s see if this is the right online business for you…



A great advantage of completing a survey is that it can fit into any schedule. Your work can be done whenever you want- morning, afternoon or night. This is the perfect opportunity for working moms, or those who have to stay at home.

In addition, this opportunity is great for someone who wants to generate extra income while continuing to work a full-time job. You can complete surveys before or after work, even during your lunch break.

Finally, taking surveys is a great way to learn how to make money online. While completing them (and making money), you can explore other home business opportunities.

Benefit to Product Research

Another benefit of surveys is that you are improving the products of these companies. By voicing your opinion, you are helping businesses understand the needs of the consumer. Many survey takers feel a certain amount of pride that they are helping future customers.


Not Enough Steady Work

Although many surveys occur regularly, I wouldn’t consider it to be an incredibly reliable source of income. Sometimes, there are a few days where there is not a wide selection of surveys.

But there are a select few who do make a full-time income through this business opportunity. These are the people who treat it like a job and make themselves available to take numerous surveys.

You can improve your chances of getting surveys by being proactive with the survey companies. In other words, always check your email and respond promptly to any requests for surveys.

Timeline till making money

Completing surveys is a great way to earn some extra cash pretty quickly. After finishing your work, the company will send you a check within a few weeks. Usually these survey businesses pay out every two weeks or every month. Most of them are efficient and reliable about sending your check.

In my opinion, taking surveys is one of the quickest ways to obtain money from the Internet.


As stated before, completing surveys for money is a great introduction into making money on the Internet. Not only can you do it part time, it also doesn’t cost much to start.

Some people have started doing it for free. Usually this involves tracking down the numerous businesses that offer surveys for money.

On other hand, most people prefer join a survey network for a small fee, usually under $50. These portals allow the user to scan through thousands of companies that offer surveys. By joining a network, you can save the time and effort that is required to track down every available opportunity. They have done the work for you.

My personal favorite is Get Cash For Surveys. This site has a great member’s area with tons of available surveys. Later on, I will discuss this resource in more details.


Since completing surveys is an easy way to generate money, there are a lot of people doing it. As a result, there is a stiff amount of competition from other individuals. When a company needs a certain amount of people, they will fill their slots on first come-first served basis. So you have to be quick and responsive on the surveys that you want to take.

Almost all companies send out their survey opportunities through email. If you fit the requested demographic, you should respond back as quick as possible. By being prompt, you can beat out other people and get the best (ie: the highest paying) surveys.

How to get started

The best way to get started is to check out Get Cash for Surveys. I consider this site to contain the widest selection of surveys.

As mentioned before, Get Cash for Surveys has a huge member’s area where you can find surveys that fit every type of demographic. In fact, it would be hard for you not to find at least a couple of surveys every day. Since most of the surveys offer $10-20 compensation, you can earn a nice side income by checking out this company.

Other Tools

When signing for surveys, you will generate a ton of email. Since most people don’t want to confuse surveys for junk email, you should consider opening a separate email account just for surveys. I recommend that you check out the standard free email providers:

  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • Gmail

By using these email services, you have a separate account for your business. This will help keep you organized and will lead to more chances at finding the highest paying surveys.


As mentioned before, taking surveys will probably not lead to a full-time income. But there are a few people who make a great amount of money through this opportunity.

Their secret is that they treat the surveys like a real job. These people are constantly checking their email and are responsive to the ones that interest them.

You can learn from these super survey takers, by paying attention to your email, keeping a database of the companies that you have worked for, and giving good work when you complete the surveys.

In addition to the Get Cash for Surveys, start doing your own research into companies that are not listed in their database. Basically you want to create a huge database of possible companies that need surveys. That way, you can increase the likelihood of receiving steady work.

If you are interested in completing surveys as a way to generate extra income, I recommend that you get started today and check out Get Cash for Surveys.

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