If Dropshipping is Not for You Consider These Alternatives in Making Money Online

Dropshipping Alternatives Make Money Online

Although I knew I wanted to work from home, I had no idea of where to start. As a result, I tried pretty much every offer and opportunity on the Internet. Some made money, while others were a complete failure.

Eventually I settled on a few different businesses where I now earn a full-time income, and best of all, I work from home.

During the months I spent trying to find the *perfect online income opportunity*, I came to realize there aren’t many resources that give honest information about Internet businesses. Instead, most resources only discuss the *wonderful and amazing* aspects of their own business.

Usually, they give statements like this:

“Earn USD100,000 in 1 week with no effort”

Now this is slight exaggeration, but most advertisements promise the moon, while offering little value to the common person. Even if a business is legitimate, how can you distinguish it from bogus opportunities?

It is my hope that you use this resource to explore every business opportunity. In addition, I hope to give you enough information to help you select the online business that matches your unique background and personality.

So how do you know where to begin?

Well, let us take a look at your situation. . .

Who are You?

If you are like me, you have a desire to start and run an Internet business from home. For some, it is a great dream to be able to work when you want, while enjoying the benefits of life.

Nobody wants to be stuck in a job they hate, while commuting long hours.

We all have a different reason for wanting to start a home business.

So what is your reason?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question for you. Only you can!

We all come from different backgrounds and all have different reasons, but there are a few typical individuals who can benefit from working at home.

Some of the more common types are:

  • Full time parents with small children
  • Retirees who want to supplement your income
  • People who feel unfilled or unmotivated by their current job
  • Students with busy academic schedules who need an income source with flexible hours
  • The physically challenged or individuals with disabilities
  • People who are unemployed
  • Those who live in an area with very little job opportunities

As you read this guide, you will discover that no matter what situation you’re in, working at home can be a dream comes true.

So there is no “perfect” Internet business. The best business is one that fits your situation and personality.

Why this Guide?

When I first formulated the idea of starting home business, I figured that the Internet would be the best place to start. However as I researched the topic, I found that there was way too much information.

Unfortunately it seemed like 90% of the information was useless and/or conflicted with other resources. Most of the websites that I found advertised their product as the only home business solution.

As time went on, I discovered that there are dozens of legitimate businesses. In fact I tried most of them myself. But most of these quality opportunities were hidden beneath the droves of scams and hyped up sales pitches.

All most people really need is a quick guide that explains the different online business opportunities and how they can get started.

What Information is Covered?

Primarily, I will discuss two main types of online businesses:

The first section will cover businesses that you can start from home without needing a website.

These businesses are perfect for those who are relatively new to the Internet and home businesses in general. But it is important to remember that since these businesses are easier to start, they have a stiffer level of competition. If you are interested in creating a business without a website, I recommend you start here.

The second section covers businesses where you need a website.

Although the prospect of creating a website may seem daunting, it is actually a fairly simple process. In fact, I started my first Internet business without having any HTML or other programming skills.

Everything that needs to be done can be easy to learn and there are many tools that can be used to create professional looking websites.

The two sections cover different businesses that can be started from the comfort of your home. For every one, I try give enough information to help you make a decision. They are described according to nine categories:

  • Description- This briefly gives an overview of the business and how people primarily make money doing it.
  • Pros- Every business has its own major advantages. In this section, I describe the better aspects of this business.
  • Cons- In addition to having strengths, most Internet opportunities have a few drawbacks. Before starting any venture, it is important to know the negative aspects.
  • Timeline till making- With every online business, there is a standard timeline that it takes for the average person to make any money. Obviously the more effort that is put forth, the quicker money will come in. It is important to know when you will see a return on your investment of time and money.
  • Costs- This section goes over the basic cost that is involved with creating the business. Although some businesses can be started with no capital, most need at least a small amount of cash to get started.
  • Competition- With every online business, there will be competition from other people trying to do the same thing. This section talks about the level of competition in that business.
  • How to get started- This part discusses the starting point for your business. Usually this is in the form of a resource that is compiled by a leader in that particular industry. These resources provide excellent information because they give a crash course on the subject, while providing a step-by-step pathway to success.
  • Other Tools- In addition to the resources that will help you get started; the Other Tools section list resources that will help build your business and/or make it easier to generate an income.
  • Advice- Just like name describes, the advice section gives a bit of practical information on how to operate the business. Although I don’t claim to be an authority on most of these businesses, I have tried each of them and can help you avoid some of the mistakes that I made.

Ways to Make Money in the Internet W/O a Website

Businesses  You Can Start With a Website

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Want to Import Products from CHINA

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The Best Compliment is by Sharing!

Please Share Best Dropshippers Reviews to your Friends and Family... We might HELP them...
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