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The level of development in the online e-commerce world has been really high and this gives way to a lot of benefits for consumers. For those who are much interested in online shopping or investing in web based businesses, there is one company that might work out for them.Whether you are visiting the e-commerce website for your simple shopping needs or you want to make money with them, it is always guaranteed that you will love it there. Review

sourcingmap com reviews


Features of the Company

1. Product Lineup: As a very well-developed retail and wholesale shopping site, provides a wide array of the most interesting and in-demand electronics and other related consumer products. Latest models of MP3 and MP4 players, computer units and accessories, cameras and security products, industrial equipment and tools, and health and beauty care products can be seen on their website galleries. While these products are made in Asia and more specifically in China, the quality of each item is guaranteed by the company.

2. Prices: Each item is guaranteed to have the lowest prices. Since is being used by many Asian manufacturers as the selling platform for their products, prices are kept at factory rates. You can expect to see items that are priced below $1 on the web page galleries of this company. They sell spare parts for cellphones that are intended for US and UK markets and of course these things could be bought at wholesale prices. We have to be aware too that prices indicated on the website are not inclusive yet of the shipping and handling fees.

3. Placement of Orders and Payment: Any buyer can place orders and there is no more need to be bothered by complicated processes. When you want to buy more from them, you can always be assured that the advanced information platform of will be able to help you out. They can immediately contact directly the factories where any requested item originates. There is also no MOQ or minimum order quantity which means that purchases of single items is allowed. Buyers can use PayPal, World Pay, and major credit cards when paying for orders.

4. Return and Warranty Policies: The SourcingMap Company makes sure that their buyers will always have the protection of return and warranty policies. A 14-day Money Back Guarantee is applicable on all products that will be shipped. Refunds and replacements will be allowed for the said number of days. All mobile phone units have the international standard warranty of 12 months or 1 year. All other items offered on the SourcingMap website will have this 3-month warranty.


Sample Products of SourcingMap

sourcingmap com reviews products


5. Wholesale and Dropship Services: There are items that are strictly for wholesale only. Such items would include industry tools, mobile phone spare parts, accessories for some selected gadgets, and clearance items. Dropshipping can be availed and this is something that could be easily arranged now that has direct lines to hundreds of manufacturers and factories.

6. Product Reviews, Tips, Troubleshooting, and Answers to Questions: In order for their buyers to have the ability to wisely choose a product, a special info web page is provided. In there, clients can view product reviews, tips on the care and use of gadgets, and complete troubleshooting guides.

A Final Statement about SourcingMap

There are lots of things to love about the these days. Spare parts of electronics products as a well as those tools that are industry-grade which are normally not found on typical shopping websites are easily made available by this company. The dedication to service, experience, and superior manpower of SourcingMap makes them an asset for both buyers and e-commerce investors.



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