Uxcell.com Review

uxcell com reviews

Uxcell.com is a Hong Kong based factory-direct online shop dealing mostly with electronic products. They pride themselves as directly linked to more than 100 manufacturers in China which is the reason why they can give products at factory prices. They carry full range of consumer products such as MP4 Players, MP3 Players, digital cameras, cell phone accessories, accessories for computers, laptops PSP Xbox, iPod and iPhone, fashion jewelries, clothing, household gadget, watches, sunglasses and other cool items.

Uxcell.com Review

uxcell com reviews products

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Why Do Uxcell.com Claim That They Have The Lowest Price?

Uxcell is claiming that they have the lowest price among the China wholesaler because their products are brought direct from the factories in China thus; they do not incur any distribution expenses along the way. They do not adopt expensive advertising campaign. They do not have expensive retail store cost

Uxcell.com Shipping Methods

They say that they have the lowest shipping cost in the market but they will charge you a flat rate of $5 per item anywhere in the world. After the first item you will be charged with a flat rate of $2 per item. They uses the international airmail method of Hong Kong Post which will normally take up to two weeks before the goods will arrive at your place, however, if you choose for the items to be delivered within a few days. You can choose another option which is the UPS which will make the delivery faster but you be charged higher. They have Free shipping option on few selected items.

Moreover, they will not be responsible for any items lost while in transit. They will offer you insurance for the items that will be shipped at very low cost, that are not free though. You have to pay for the insurance. You cannot do anything but buy the insurance for you would want your money and product to be protected. If you will sum it up, I wonder if the item is still cheap. We need a little bit calculation on that.

What Will Happen If I Am Not Satisfied With The Product?

Once the product arrived at your doorstep and you are not satisfied, they will offer you 30 day money back guarantee so be sure that you contact them, once you see any fault. You are lucky if you buy their digital camera for they will give you a one year warranty period.

My Personal Experience With Uxcell.com

It’s nearing Christmas time and it is my habit to buy in advance my Christmas gifts for my family and friends months before and I saw in their website the wireless mouse and the cool watches that are perfect for gift giving. I was having second thought at first because of the negative reviews that I’ve read, but then since I want it so much, I decided to push through with ordering.

After all the transactions were done which is so easy and fast, I only waited for 10 days. I was so excited in opening my package and the thought that some of the items will be faulty kept coming in. Well, I tried the mouse and I use one of the watches which are okay up to this time. I was planning to add more order again after my first successful transaction with Uxcell.com.



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